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Using mascara for eye makeup can indeed make eyelashes appear thicker, longer and more pliable. For that, consider tips on using mascara so as not to clot the following.




  1. Using Expired Mascara


Opening mascara will definitely make the air enter the mascara tube quickly. Mascara will dry up and make the molecules in it also change.

The drier your mascara, the formula in the mascara tube will also be more fused so that it does not spread evenly and make mascara clot.

For that, do not use mascara after 10 to 14 weeks after you open it, so that the lashes do not clot and stay healthy.


  1. Avoid Stirring Mascara


This habit you often do when you want to wear mascara. Though the air that enters the mascara makes it quick to clot. The less air enters, the mascara will not dry quickly.



  1. Use Eyelash Brush


In addition to using eyelash curler that helps to flex, you can use an eyelash comb to separate the lashes from sticking. Eyelash brush, can be used before and after applying mascara.



  1. Soak Mascara with Warm Water


Has your mascara dried up? Try this one first! Cover mascara tightly and soak with warm water. The mascara formula will melt more and make it easy to use.


  1. Wipe On Tissue


It’s different with you who just bought mascara. The new mascara formula is usually very wet so it has the potential to make clumps on the lashes when first used.

So before you use new mascara, first wipe the mascara with a soft cloth or tissue.


  1. Brush too full


Applying too much mascara to the brush is also one of the reasons for the eyelashes to clot, because too much mascara sticks to the lashes.


  1. Pay attention to the Layer


To get thick, anti-lumpy lashes, you don’t need to use mascara repeatedly. Too many layers of eyelashes will actually make it clot and difficult to “comb”.

Ideally, the mascara in the layer is only two to three times. And remember! do not add layers when it is dry, give the layer when the mascara is still wet.

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