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Large facial pores are quite disturbing appearance. But there are ways, you know, to work around this. For that, see makeup tips to disguise large facial pores, the following





  1. Cold water


Before applying makeup, clean your face first by washing your face using facial foam.

Wash your face with cold water for the last rinse. The point is to close our pores.


  1. Use Primer


Primer has an important role in giving the final results of flawless makeup. So don’t forget this one makeup product before you apply the foundation.

Primer is useful for disguising our pores while at the same time can even out skin tone. Another advantage of using primer is that your face will look smoother.



  1. Use the Foundation as needed


Even if you want to cover your pores does not mean you have to use the foundation excessively. Be sure to apply the foundation thinly.

Use matte and oil-free foundations to help control excess oil. With reduced oil production, our pores will look smaller.



  1. Do not Tap Applied


When applying powder to lock the foundation, you can use a thick and large puff or sponge, then take the powder and apply it to the face by tapping it.

Do not use a sponge with a sweeping or pulling motion, just pat it while pressing the face gently.



  1. Avoid Shimmer Makeup


To cover the pores, you should avoid Highlight shimmer and foundation types that give the final glowing results.

Given the high content of shimmer particles can clarify the appearance of the pores. We recommend using a makeup product that gives a matte and oil free finish.


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